Reviews of “Relics”

Relics pulls us into the future with a kaleidoscope of cascading synths.”  — BULLETT (US)

I expected this group to deliver ‘smart’ music and dammit, they do.  They do the synth movement proud – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” — PopDose (US)

Relics is their 4th studio album and arguably their strongest and most accomplished to date . . . a polished, savvy album [with] shrewd textures, instrumentations and hooks.  A strong offering all around: 9/10.” — U&I (Dublin, Ireland)

An epic synth pop album addressing questions of life and death, with melodies that evoke quiet meditation, transcending time . . . it sounds almost science fictional. . . electric beats, guitar riffs, beautiful melodies, sitar, and synth all mingling together.  Rating: 10/10” —Album Check (Germany)

The band’s delightful pop is out-of-this-world yet grounded in self-examination. Faded Paper Figures cover a lot of territory here… But it’s all done with a mindful demeanor that suggests a honed self-awareness.”  — Paste (US) 
Forward thinking electro pop, with the glistening production shrouding a chassis which borrows from indie rock songcraft […] emotive songcraft and delicate arrangement.”   — Clash (UK)

Each song manages to be original and multi-layered, and songs morph unexpectedly, the effect is quite delightful. Unlike so much of the genre, the songs have real thoughtful lyrics backed up by skilled electronica: think of THE POSTAL SERVICE if they didn’t get annoying.” — Nothing But Hope (Germany)

Faded Paper Figures is a musical treasure hidden in the huge city of Los Angeles, California. . . . Their latest release Relics (2014) launches them into the big leagues.” — LifeBoxSet (Mexico)

The eclectic style of this trio really shines through on this newly released album. We don’t often get an opportunity to relate to so many different messages provided on an album, but Faded Paper Figures made that rarity a possibility. Ranging in all different styles of music, this album is a must have for anyone.” — The Music Ninja (US)

Relics promises to be their most honest, sophisticated, and ambitious offering yet.”  — Wonderland (UK)

“Amazing . . . Faded Paper Figures are artisans of groove-box,  securing a world where Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics are unassailable.”  —Kalporz (Italy)

An exciting, perpetually changing, sophisticated album. . . actually incredible.  Mind blowing.”  — Mentioned Reviews (UK)
Bringing life back to the synthesizer.”  — like-online (Germany)

Spiraling synth-lines wriggle around mischievously, jostling happily with drum beats of various tempos to create an unmistakably funky and joyous flavour . . . I hugely enjoyed this album.” — (UK)

We can say without a doubt that Relics is going to be one of the best of indie-electropop albums in 2014 (if not the best), an absolute must-have for any fan of electro-pop music.” — Music Alternativa (Spain)

Alternately sparse and epic, harmonic and grinding, pensive and playful, FPF is clearly moving beyond their electro-pop beginnings.”  — WithGuitars (UK)

Faded Paper Figures created a brilliant summer time soundtrack. The atmospheric, energetic and lively synths definitely highlight the band’s sound and make this album definitely an enjoyable one.” — HouseInTheSand (Germany)

There really is the potential for these guys to get much, much bigger.” —TheSoundOfConfusion (UK)

Relics showcases the band’s ability to craft soft electronic beats reminiscent of Dntel paired with wonderfully sweet harmonies to make some of the most catchy tunes we’ve heard from the band to date. And with the critical acclaim the album is receiving, I bet they are glad they didn’t quit their night jobs.” — Posture (US)

Whilst both lyrics and music set an extraordinarily high benchmark, they do so effortlessly, without fuss or resorting to showboating and over complication. Like many successful works of art…and this is a work of great post-modern art, it’s all about the editing process. Brevity is the watchword and the results are beautiful. Is this the reality of the fusion between man and machine?” — DancingAboutArchitecture (UK)

Relics is by far [FPF’s] most complete record, as it expands on what was right with other releases while also tapping into the indie rock well for substance. Songs like Not the End of the World, What You See, Real Lies and Lost Stars stand out like the highest peaks of mountains in the distance … I think this will be a must have album for anyone who is a fan of FPF or the electronic pop scene in general.” — Indiefection Playlist (US)

Faded Paper Figures are no boisterous youngsters.  There are no wild gimmicks, no melodrama.  What you feel, instead, is a kind of neutral positivity, neither exuberance nor sadness . . . an ideal, classy, poignant sound.” — BLN.FM (Germany)

Behind the irresistible rhythms and prophetic-sounding vocals, it’s a thoroughly humanising album from a group of musically-gifted MENSA members. By the end of final track Forked Paths, you’ll just have to accept that some people are engineered towards greatness – and as with the sulky spaceman, we should all cheer up about it.
Kemptation (UK)

A consumate blend of old-skook electronica, reminiscent of 1980s cult pop stars New Musik, and the more recent, upbeat choral sound of MGMT.  Wake Up Dead finds them at their witty best: a kitsch country-inflected tune with a sweet, group-sung chorus.” — The Sunday Express (UK)

It’s been a while since we’ve had a really decent indie-electro album.  Hot Chip have gone quiet and LCD Soundsystem are sadly no more.  Well, if you’re partial to a bit of that, good news!  Relics, the fourth album from LA’s Faded Paper Figures is really, really decent!  They’ve got a great sound that combines Lo-Fi rock with retro synths.  There are some absolute gems on here to check out.  5/5 stars.” — The Daily Sport (UK)

Full of intensity and excitement without ever abandoning subtlety this is a stunning and technically flawless album, showing the band is now at the height of their powers.  Faded Paper Figures writes songs that are masterfully composed, oblique, and simple, with each of the ten songs contributing its own unique role.” — Man on the Moon (Portugal)

The songs on this album are smart and resilient and they feature some wonderfully insightful lyrics. The arrangements are impeccable as are the band’s vocals. There’s not a bad track to be found here . . . Great stuff that holds up to many repeated spins.  Top pick: 5/5” — BabySue Music Review (US)

With Relics, the indie-pop trio Faded paper Figures manages a smart, dreamy album that settles somewhere above all other bands in the genre, experimenting in ways that allow a wide variety of influences . . . It is at once varied and intimate, driving, undulating, joyous. . . Perfect summer listening.” — BerlinMitteMusik (Germany)

Relics is one of the best electropop albums of the year.” —Hoerbefehl (Germany)

Rife with gorgeous melody lines and expressive lyrics, ‘Relics’ is a calm and carefully constructed album . . . masterful lyrics. . . rich with emotional value and poetic qualities.” —TMN (US)

Faded Paper Figures’s lively electro-pop touches multiple nerves, with amazing versatility . . . creating a truly listenable balance of synthesized pop tunes, beats, and pristine string accompaniments, with which they break out from the typical electronica and pop genre.” — Mescaline Injection (Germany)

Relics is a little gem. Elements of folk, pop, electronica and world music superposed with lyrics full of truth. Imagine a less acid-influenced Animal Collective, a less brash Ting Things and Buddha and you get a rough picture of what ‘Relics’ is all about. Highly recommended.” — Never Enough Notes (UK)